Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a different fee schedule for multiple tissues, for histology/cytology combinations, or for postmortems requiring multiple slides?

No, there is a single consultation fee whether it is a single biopsy, multiple biopsies, histology/cytology combinations, or a collection of postmortem tissues.

2. What is the fee and how do I ship from outside Canada?

Please contact us by phone at 519-822-4486 or toll free 1-800-853-PATH (7284) for more information. Alternately, e-mail us at wilcock@histovet.com

3. Do I need to purchase any special supplies?

No, you do not need to purchase any special supplies. Clients are supplied with leakproof formalin containers, custom styrofoam boxes for shipping slides, two-pouch Ziploc bags, and personalized submission forms.

4. How do I mark tumor margins?
  • Determine which margin or margins are of greatest concern in terms of incomplete excision. This is usually the deepest border rather than the horizontal margins.
  • Gently blot dry the surface to which the ink* will be applied.
  • Apply the ink with a small brush or cotton applicator (a nail polish brush is perfect).
  • Let it dry for just a minute or two, and then drop the tissue into the formalin.
  • The ink binds to the tissue and stays with the tissue throughout processing, allowing me to judge with 100% certainty what is truly a surgical margin.

If you wish to be really sophisticated, apply the ink very specifically and focally to those areas of greatest concern.  I will then specifically examine those regions microscopically, so you are truly "in control" of exactly where I direct my attention.  You can even get inks of different colors so you can provide a true color key for different portions of the large mass.

*The ink must be genuine India ink which is a suspension of particles that bind to the tissue.  Suitable sources are tattoo parlors and art supply stores.  You should practice your technique and confirm the suitability of each particular ink on some non‐critical case before you have to use it "for real".  Just alert me to the fact that you have applied ink and that you wish me to comment on the results.

5. What is your relationship with other private laboratories?

Histovet does not deal with any other private laboratories. Some laboratories will forward samples when they are requested to do so but this can result in substantial delays and additional expense. Please send your request directly to Histovet using these shipping instructions

6. What is the best time to talk with you?

Please call our office during regular business hours - 8:30-5:00 E.S.T.. Dr. Wilcock is usually available to speak with you immediately.

Local: 519-822-4486
Toll free: 1-800-853-PATH (7284)
Alternatively e-mail us at wilcock@histovet.com.

7. Additional Questions?

Local: 519-822-4486
Toll free: 1-800-853-PATH (7284)
Alternatively e-mail us at wilcock@histovet.com.